Born with it.

Many people say that they catch it, others find it in their first experience when they leave home, some learn to love the feeling from a very young age, while others find the feeling at the wise age of 70, and sadly some will never know this feeling, I only wish that everyone would be able to experience and feel what I am lucky enough to feel.

I am asked every day when I talk about my experiences while traveling…they say

“But are you scared?”

My response is always the same. “But, of what?”

You will never know what is out there unless you go and have a look.
I am talking about the bug. It’s the travel bug, and I know that I was born with it. It is something inside me, It’s a feeling I get to move, change, grow as a person and most of all, explore.
It is the feeling that makes me happiest, so I keep chasing it, to see where it will take me.
So this blog is not going to be like other blogs, I will just write as moments happen. This will be a collection of writing, pictures, thoughts, dreams, my ramblings, the people I meet who inspire me, teach me things that I had never considered, they may show me a small part of their life as they live it, their dreams, hopes and thoughts. I find, I have opened my eyes and mind to this incredible world.  

I have opened my eyes, big, bright and wide, and beautiful experiences are happening to me.
I hope you enjoy reading and seeing things that I have seen…for I travel to more than 100 destinations now, and meet and greet at least 300 new people a day. That is a lot of stories, I find by taking the time to talk to people, you always learn something new, and “Everyday is a school day” (A Grandmother quote) Many people just want to tell me their story.

I would love to share with you all of this.
I am proud to say. . .I am an international Flight Attendant based in the Middle East, yes, in the desert. I have been here nearly a year and a half. Right this very moment outside, it is 45 degrees, and the humidity is climbing with every word I type. Dubai is somewhere I never would have thought I would have been able to survive, but it’s funny how well I have adapted, and for now I will call this place home. To be honest most days it does feel all so unnatural to me, being very far from the clean, green lush forests, running rivers, crisp rain, puffy clouds, beaches that have waves, fresh fruit and vegetables, great music, or just a simple thing like taking the dogs for a walk, these are the things I dream about. My down to earth place I call home. (A shout out to New Zealand.  I have not forgotten you, my beautiful country, like always you have my heart and I will be back.)

But I love what I do, I really do. I truly hand on heart wake up every morning, afternoon, night or even 3am for a flight, after I have had a cup of tea and some breakfast, (Being my favorite meal of the day) Yes even at 11pm I eat breakfast. I always find I am excited to go to work, VERY excited. I travel for work, or rather work while traveling. How ever I look at it, most days I don’t feel like I am working, and this job seems to tick all the boxes for me. I end up in places I never in my life thought I would get to go. Some, I hate to admit, I had never even heard of before .

I am a person who does not stay in my 5 star hotel room for more than a quick shower and to take my makeup off!  YES I love that feeling! Sometimes I don’t even sleep….Although at times it can be more an inability to sleep. It is like the moment the fresh air hits my face after being in an air-conditioned environment (The only thing I despise about this job) and after anywhere from 6-17 hours of being in the tube, the fresh air of a new country hits my face and I find myself awake, very much alive and ready to explore. I head out into the unknown, where most places no one speaks english, I take my camera with me where ever I go, and I try to capture moments as they happen. I want to experience as much as I can, and some times that means I forget to sleep. I am just too excited about life. I feel as though I will sleep when I am old.

I appreciate every moment that I get with this lifestyle, for that is how I feel about it, I have chosen to live a lifestyle.

One of the best parts is that I get to travel with an amazing multicultural crew that change daily. I work with about 12,000 crew, of which there are 90 different nationalities and on any given day I turn up to work with people who speak at least 12 different languages. The wow factor is way up there. I am constantly learning new things about people’s cultures, beliefs, lives, and always drilling, probing and asking questions to find out information about the next place I would like to explore.

So there we have it, my first post. I become a blogger. 

These are my stories. This is my traveling dream coming true.
Thanks for stopping by.
Nadia Glyn.


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