A little seaside adventure in a place called Cornwall. England.

Sometimes people come into my life and they become a part of me forever.

Theses two beautiful women are my definition of rad, and we met in the most unlikely place ever. The desert.

Three little mermaids very far from home.

Somethings are definitely meant to be. . . .

Aimee-Laura Loves waves, An introduction:

A pure soul, who whips up delicious home cooked meal’s, has excellent taste in music, moves more gracefully on a surfboard than anyone I have ever seen, I believe was born in the ocean as a mermaid, loves the sweet taste of ice cream from her boyfriends farm and picks fresh flowers most days to put on her beautifully handmade wooden table that he made her. She writes stories that make me dream and inspire me to be more creative. She warms all people who come into her sunshine, she loves to walk through fields of lush grass and likes to dance and twirl in the spring rain, she reads by candle light, and sings her own song,  her style is elegant like she belongs in another era. She has so much love. She is beautiful. She really listens. She is Aimee Laura and she loves waves.

Katfish aka kitkat, an introduction:

A woman so badass that young girls grow up and want to be just like her, she has a gift of fearlessness and motivation to push herself in all aspects of her life, she beams like light and has an incredible smile. She likes it shaken, not stirred. A very talented photographer with an eye for beauty. She dreams of waves. She loves tea as much as I do. She melts hearts, full stop. A contagious attitude for life. She shares my love for the ghetto. She is a yoga queen, and bends like I only wish I will one day. She will be a surf photographer, its only a matter of time. We will do this together. A women so alive, I knew I had a twin the moment we met. My soul sister.

These are my surfing buddies, two people who I enjoy paddling out with, and I know will always be by my side.

This is what happened when we went to a little seaside village called Saint Ives in Cornwall, come and run wild with us…..

Aimee-Laura’s Stable Cottage.

We walked the dogs everyday, We drove around in a little bubble car named snowdrop, surfed for the week in waters so chilly that you need a glass of wine, a hot shower and two friends to help get you out of your 5’4 wetsuit, booties, hood and gloves.

Got tangled in  seaweed while trying to take pictures of waves that pick you up and want to dump you on the sand.

We wandered through fields of daffodils who are waiting for the spring rain and sunshine so that they can flower, we made friends with locals at the pub…..just down the road, across the fence, up a path and past the horses, where we tasted the regions famous cider.

We went to an outdoor theatre which was about surfing in the days of war, where we drank glasses of red wine and cuddled up to keep warm from the breeze blowing up the cliffs from the ocean.

We drank pots and pots of English tea, followed by fresh scones with cream from the farm and Grandma’s strawberry jam. (The Strawberry’s are picked from an Uncles land and made with love by someones grandmother) We attended church, and Aimee became a Godmother.

This is a place where the eggs come from your neighbour and the bread is served warm. We ate fresh seafood daily, followed by Ice cream from the farm. Banana being my favourite flavour. I felt I was in my element as I got to pick bunches of wild flowers everyday for the cottage.

We rocked out to Brother and Bones in bars full of surfers still salty from the sunset session. This is music that belongs in your car for road trips.

Our Road trip playlist played at one volume. Loud. Was a mixture of Radiohead, Kings of leon, and old school beats from the  60’s & 70’s. 

Cornwall is a gorgeous place and if you ever get the chance to visit, jump up and do a high-five in slow motion, this opportunity is not to be missed. The waves are just as delightful as the people. We will be back to visit you soon Aimee-Laura & Hot-Rory. x


4 thoughts on “A little seaside adventure in a place called Cornwall. England.

  1. Hey babe, another ten minutes i can pretend to be still be traveling is ten minutes well spent. Photo’s are amazing! I’ve been using my 50mm only for the last week or so, so so good. I wish i’d used it alot more on my trip! These are the mistakes you learn from!

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