All aboard the Hot Mess express. (France edition)

Some ghetto activities for our week in France include,

*Fly Dubai to Paris, then Fly Paris to Bordeaux, Drive to Hossegor.

*We soon realize after we land in France the girls  “Can’t drive manual” I become driver for the week.

*3am run around Paris. We go round and round The Arc de Triomphe. This was fun.

*Getting lost.

*Finding waves.

*Finding wine.

*Drinking wine after surfing.

*Smack talking.

*Trying to read a French menu, ordering and wondering what will turn up. 

*Working out how to pump gas into a van, when everything is in French.

*Going topless in France.

*We find out it’s always a good time for another glass of tasty wine.

*I continue on my search of Kelly Slater to finally get a hug, I fail. Oh well next time Nadia. Sigh.

*We find out the stereo type of French people is true. They really do all walk around wearing stripy red, white and blue tops. They do take baguette with them everywhere, I even saw someone out walking their dog at 2am with a baguette. The men all have long and twirling Moustache. They eat croissants all day long. 

*Epic fail at trying to paddle out into the beach breaks here, I paddle for 30 mins and end up right down the beach, my board is starting to dent my head. Jelly arms. There’s a reason the pro’s have jet ski’s, just saying, it would help. 

*Always laughing so hard together that tears fall down our cheek’s.

*Whenever we wake up to go in search of waves, I am hung over. It takes a few minutes before Kat and Sarah Yell, “OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD NADS” This happens everyday. 

*Annoying the angry French people. This seemed to be easy? Example-remember to wear shoes inside shops, they DO NOT like barefooted girls. hmm.  

*Eating snails, damn those little guys like to hide inside their homes. I must say, quite tasty with a bottle of wine.

*The sun rises, It’s time for coffee, tea and fresh croissants, too bad the lady who owns the cute cafe soon works out that we are also using her bathroom to brush our teeth in turns, and by the 3rd day, yells at us in French to get out, we feel like we are naughty children. 

*We watch motor cross and Sarah gets really excited, she is super cute. 

*Finding bathrooms, lucky New Zealanders and Canadians don’t mind a good bush to hide behind.

*We take turns choosing tunes from the Ipod, the van has a pimping sound system. A Mazing.

*Putting on wet soggy wetsuits, always a lovely experience. 

*Finding somewhere to charge phones, laptops and Ipod’s. 

*We watch the All Blacks play Argentina in a tiny cafe with some French guys, they are supporting Argentina. All Blacks win. High fives all around. Today is a great day. The waves just feel better. The wine tastes sweeter. The sun is shining again. Proud to be a kiwi. 

*We make tea in our Van after getting salty. This makes us all extremely happy. 

*I learn to parallel park a left hand drive manual van, I need a few more lessons. My hand keeps hitting the window when I change gears.

*We drive off with “things” on the roof, the “things” break all over the road. haha. 

*I try to park the left hand manual van into the space a small mini would fit. Fail. A helpful guy has to move it for us. I give up and drink more wine.

This was my week in France for the Quiksilver Pro 2011 with my two home girls Kat and Sarah, and the people we became friends with along the way.

The friendship I share with these girls is magic. Bromance some might say.

Photo credit. Sarah Crisford, Kat Cebrowski, Nadia Glyn Goldbert, and the random people we asked to take photos of us, including an old French man who then started to hang around us in hope we would ask him again. We didn’t.


9 thoughts on “All aboard the Hot Mess express. (France edition)

  1. Oh so cool, I can just taste the salt looking at your photo’s (and Dad says the snails, reminds us of our first date)

    • Thanks, It was fun and such beautiful water there. We mainly surfed at Cote Des Basques in Biarritz. Some freaking gnarly beach breaks around man, was cool to see people shred. I saw a lot of broken boards.
      As for me, I need to grow bigger arms. haha 😉

  2. I love love love the text with this post- wine, random activities, adventures happening every second. AH! This is exactly what life should be like all the time- driving in circles around the Arc de Triomphe, surfing with a baguette in hand (yes) and general revelry. This post is pure gold.

    • Hay thanks for checking out my blog! YES that trip was something wild and to travel with two of the best girls I know, It was too much fun. Running around Paris in the early hours of the morning was amazing, something I will treasure for ever.
      Keep posting and writing, I love your style 🙂

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