O’Neill Cold Water classic Santa Cruz 2011

My roster comes around on the 23rd of each month, and I find myself beaming a huge smile when two days in California appear.

This is how you make your job work for you!

50 hours, Nadia you will not sleep here. 

Cali is something wild a place full of stoke. The kind of place where I feel like I stepped back in time and I’m now making an appearance in a 1959 Gidget surf film. Where did I leave my tie dyed top again?

Heres a few shot’s from the final day of the O’Neill Cold Water competition at Waddell Creek. I Had such a rad day cruising down the coast from San Francisco. Playing tunes that matched the day. Going in search of Mavericks surf break while eating gorgeous organic fresh food all day long.

This place reminded me a lot of New Zealand. Driving along a coast where the cliffs fall into the ocean, seeing this makes my soul shine. The sun was out and there were fields of pumpkins, (That I took the time to run around in)

Halloween was waiting for me by the time I got back to the city and what a better way to get amongst it then go out in down town San Francisco with a bunch of super cool people who sure know how to party. My costume for the evening was put together last moment by the guys who “Borrowed some balloons from an art exhibition down the road” and keeping with the spirit of the ocean, I called myself a Sea Anemone, (You know the place that Nemo hangs out) A flower of the ocean. By the way getting in and out of taxi’s was a challenge.

The rest of the night was history.

I find I always get the feeling that I wouldn’t mind missing my flight back to Dubai.

Can’t wait to come back, this place makes me smile big time.

Just another reason to love California.


2 thoughts on “O’Neill Cold Water classic Santa Cruz 2011

  1. Once you get your water housing the world will change, it’s a total game change. Not just for surfing, rain, lakes, waterfalls, mud, high speed car chases. Any thing you can think of gets better. Can’t wait to see some of your stuff. Mahalo

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