New York, New York…..I LOVE NEW YORK!

One of the very best and most exciting things about my job, is that it is forever changing.  Nothing is ever fixed. I sometimes end up going to work all packed up and headed to whats on my roster, and the next thing I find crew control ringing me and saying, “Nadia, your now heading to New York

On this day, I was packed and ready for bike rides in the park in 28 degree weather. I was really happy, I had not been to Perth in about 10 months. I had already left for work when my phone rung, and I swear I ran back from the bus to my apartment faster than you have ever seen a women in high heels run before…..”I NEED MY CAMERAAAAAAAAAA” That was the only thing I grabbed…Little did I know it was going to be 11 Degrees in New York and I was packed for summer.

I ran back downstairs to jump in a taxi to take me to the airport, there was no way I was missing this flight, and what did I find but a 20 on the back seat. Today was my day.

I arrived on time for briefing and off to New York City I flew. 14 hours later we touch down and are taken by bus to our hotel, I find myself on the 20th floor in my hotel bed room overlooking Times Square. YES! *Fist punch, I would have jumped and given a high-five, if there were someone in the room with me*

I sit on the bed and look out the window, this is where we stay. I cannot quite believe it. I am smiling so much, I can’t get over my job.

I have not slept for a very long time, but suddenly fresh air hit’s me and I feel like I am the person floating away in red bull advertising. Outside the main doors to the hotel a 3 minute walk and you’re in times square, to the right a  5 minute walk and you’re in Central Park. I spend all day listening and talking to New Yorker’s, some of these conversations are unreal. I am still laughing about it now. Something Like a movie. I ran around the city all day, most of the time because I was so cold and dressed like I belonged in Australia.

Could not quite believe I was there. Someone pinch me! The best and biggest apple yet.

I Love New York!


5 thoughts on “New York, New York…..I LOVE NEW YORK!

  1. A great bunch of pictures of the Big Apple. And yes, it can very cold there during winter. I love how you had fun with the wide angel or fisheye lenses.

    • Thanks for coming by my blog. I loved NY! Wow what a city. It was super fun seeing buildings in a different way with my 10.5mm Nikon Fisheye.
      I used to live in Oslo a few years ago now. Beautiful place!

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