Never forget how much your love matters.

Once upon a time,

I was scheduled a flight to Entebbe or to put it in better words, the gift of a flight. I was to travel to Africa.  A place that has always pulled at my heart-strings, everything about Africa I love, but more than anything. It’s the people.

The moment I leave I want to get straight back on the plane turnaround and go back. Every time I feel this.

I was only to spend a  24 hour layover there and before I left Dubai I had already decided on what I wanted to do. When I first arrived I met a local man, I asked him “Please can you take me to a place where there are children. Somewhere that needs help and a place that no one goes”

He brought me to a place called Nsambya Babies Home.

This orphanage cares for children up to the age of 6. Some arrive at the home as early as three days old. These children all come from Uganda and the way they come to live in this home moves me to tears whenever I think about it. Most are left on the door step of the baby home, some in churches, others are found by the police wandering the streets, some babies are left in hospitals after the mother gives birth, or as sad as it is to hear a few of the children have been left in rubbish bins where they are later found.

I wish the whole world could see and experience what goes on here, then I feel like people would really change or want to help in some way. It is really hard to take in.

It’s just not right to see little children who you know are mistreated and then for some reason or another are left abandoned on the streets. What I see is only one of the ways that children are suffering in Africa.

So many places I go, and not just in Africa I see suffering in every way imaginable. It does break my heart and I do find it hard to take in, but I just cannot turn my back on it, even trying to do a little bit can change someones life.

There is always something you can give back. Just spending a day holding and loving a child it really does help. These children are brought into this home, they become a family with each other and are given care, and without much support at all. They need so much help.

The women that work here are all doing the very best they can with what they can. The conditions are really bad, like nothing you have ever seen. When I first arrived most of the children did not have clothing on or nappies, because nappies are a luxury item here. So when they need to go to the toilet it just happens where ever they are sitting or standing. Many times it was while I was holding them.

It’s so amazing what the sisters do for these children and my heart goes out to them.

This was taken a year ago. 

On my first encounter of meeting these children, I felt so moved.

They all ran at me and intensely started to laugh, giggle, play with my hair and climb all over me. I had 30 new buddies within 2 minutes. It was very overwhelming but you just have to suck it up and think about how special this moment is and how much these children are just like any other kid’s in the world. They just want to be given attention and have some fun with you.

I was with a friend from my flight who had decided to come along with me, we had no idea what to expect and after explaining to the sisters at the home that we wanted to just hang with the children, the people just opened up and let us into their world.

My friend and I both agree we have never had a moment to top this in our lives. Africa has some kind of energy to it. It’s so hard to explain. But you just feel it.

So you can imagine my delight when a year later, almost to the day, I got the chance to swap back onto a flight, and who is on it but my same friend. I guess somethings are just meant to be.

So again off we head to the baby home.

The women remembered us. I was overjoyed to learn that over the last year there had been a lot more help and more Cabin Crew had been to visit. The children were in clothes and there were new things being built around the home. Thank goodness for word of mouth, I guess just talking to people sometimes is the best thing you can ever do. I was so happy to find out that all the babies that where there when we last visited had been adopted and where now living with their new Loving families in Europe, The US and Africa.

So when we entered the baby home we were greeted by new smiling faces, all ready and waiting to jump all over us! We had a super fun day and lots of pictures were drawn and cuddles given.

I guess I am writing this post because I just wanted to share with you what this experience is like for me. I find it hard to write about the emotions I feel when I spend time with these children. They are something wonderful. So very special.

So to who ever reads this, It’s just a simple thing I want to say, but never forget how much your love matters.

Thanks for passing by,

Nadia Glyn.

*These are some pictures a year on. New beautiful smiles. This baby “Moses” was 3 months old and stole my heart from the moment I met him, he stayed with me most of the day.

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