Getting the South Bay Christmas spirit.

Jumping in the truck to go for a late night drive surprise makes me feel about 10 years old again. You know the moment when you realise it’s nearly Christmas, that excited feeling you used to get right before Christmas Eve arrived. This year finally I had that back again.

I made sure to keep warm with a winter jacket, hat and gloves. Drinking hot chocolate and coffee not to forget with a splash of baileys.

Walking the streets while kid’s run past all dressed up warm and high on sugar from eating too many candy canes they are so excited, I fit right in.

The South Bay got me right in the Christmas Spirit this year. I love how people in this neighborhood take the time to decorate their houses here.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thanks for passing by,

Nadia Glyn.


4 thoughts on “Getting the South Bay Christmas spirit.

  1. You’re probably talking about another South Bay, but I grew up in the South Bay, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, and your post here tugged on my heart strings because I also remember being that excited little kid on Christmas eve (about a zillion years ago!)

  2. Yes another South Bay πŸ™‚ Los Angeles. I love the way that California does Christmas. It’s far from my home where we head to the beach in bikinis in 28 Degree weather to BBQ and drink ice cold beer and wine, meanwhile our Christmas trees are covered with fake snow and we have snowmen as decorations. haha.
    I am that little excited kid. I love Christmas πŸ™‚ Thanks for passing by my blog.

  3. As always, beautiful pictures. Love the reclining snowman!
    Glad the holiday spirit has moved you.Have a great one.

    I wish it were warm enough here for a t shirt.

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