Cold fish. George &Tom. Aka: The Fury Brothers

The Fury Brothers (George and Tom) are totally hooked on open ocean swimming.

They are in the ocean at Torrance Beach in California 3 times a week, including the winter, unless there is an Open Water Swim event somewhere. They are far from elite when compared to other swimmers that show up at the events, but nobody is having more fun than these 60 year olds are.

They swim the afternoons to take advantage of the rough water.

George explains, “We have developed our own surface texture rating of 1-10. The highest number for Torrance Beach has been an 8.5, matching the same rating we gave our very rough Golden Gate Bridge swim this year. It will need to blow over 20 knots to get above the 8.5 texture rating we think”

Their wives are supportive and it has really changed their lives, bodies and outlook.

“This all started rather innocuously 4 years back, Tom and I make wine with a group of guys, making about 4-5 full size barrels per year. On one bottling session, I had just barely met Tom but remembered he swam pools once in a while. We had a couple of glasses of wine with the bottling and I mentioned that my daughter’s girlfriend’s Moms were swimming the 2 mile Hermosa Beach Pier to Manhattan Beach Pier. Would he be “in”? Of course the Moms were doing it…so we were Men right…?”

“We almost drowned on our first couple of open ocean practices. But we were having so much fun we just kept doing it. It gained it’s own life as we did 1 event our first year, 3 events the next, 11 events last year and 11 events in 2011″

We will be “swimming to the end” now!

What a couple of legends, good luck to The Fury Brothers for 2012!


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