Where it all started

Today I found some negatives and decided to open an old file of photos that I haven’t looked at in about 4 years. I remembered how I felt when I took these photos. 

In February of 2005 I went to Zimbabwe not knowing that this trip would change me forever. This was my first time away from Family, Friends, New Zealand and everything I knew. I borrowed a friends old school film camera with manual settings and one lens’. I learnt how to take photos on this trip and my passion said hello. This is when I realised I will always have a camera with me.

This trip was the start of a very beautiful thing….My introduction to wanderlust and it’s forever lurking feeling inside my heart to see new things and explore.

7 years on I am still chasing that feeling and came across this quote tonight which my Grandfather had written on the back of a photograph for me years ago. Seems to fit in perfectly with my forgotten photos.

“The world is your oyster Nadia, go and explore it”


17 thoughts on “Where it all started

  1. Stunning Photographs, the waterfalls n cloud ones are captivating and beautiful to look at.

    • Thank-you. It was nice to find these photos tonight, had been awhile since I had seen them, it brought back beautiful memories. It’s a stunning place and the sound of the waterfalls is something I will never forget.

  2. ahhhh…beautiful photos! And what a sweet message from your Grandfather…I absolutely love ruffling through old photos and reminiscing about moments past. I totally feel the same about wanderlust and having my camera with me…at ALL times…it’s addicting, isn’t it?

    • So addicting, I love being in any situation and wanting to turn it into a image. It’s so amazing to create stories through photos, I think about it all day long. 😉
      Thanks for checking out my blog. Love following your adventures.

  3. Some blogger just told me about my post of the Niagara Falls that the falls in Zimbabwe is bigger than Niagara, wow! I think by the looks of it, that it really is. Great photos and loving the old school look on them.

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