Nadia Glyn Goldbert

To travel is to give into wanderlust….

I choose absolute and continuing abundance, I say this to myself everyday. I carry a notebook with me. I travel, Endlessly. I laugh. I surf, snowboard & wakeboard.
I smile just because it feels good.
My camera has become an extension of my hand. I cannot live without music. I go somewhere new every month.
I watch foreign films. I know my roots. I am a dog person. I surround myself with creative, positive people who inspire me. I love my family and friends more than words can express. I can’t live without the ocean and I am happiest in the water, I never want to get out. I enjoy meeting strangers. I climb mountains. I Love apples. Yoga is becoming my life.


15 thoughts on “Nadia Glyn Goldbert

  1. oh wow..just wow Nads.
    Absolutely love everything about it.
    Your genuine appreciation for life, inspires me.
    keep capturing and sharing, please.

    • Awww thats the hardest question I always get asked. I do really love going to Japan, it’s such a wonderful place to get lost exploring and then found again, plus the food is really WONDERFUL!

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